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Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpreting is usually requested for a small group of participants, and the events for which this type of interpreting is needed are as follows

  1. meetings between company executives, or between representatives of specialised company departments,

  1. visits from foreign delegations,

  1. participation in international trade fairs.

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, there are regular pauses in the discussion during liaison interpreting, which are used by the interpreter to translate the meaning. In this case, the interpreter is not isolated but sits/stands with the participants in the discussion. We must emphasise that the professional interpreter must be able to faithfully reproduce not only the sense and content, but also the style, the nuances, the form and the rhetoric of the dialogue that characterise each speaker and that are an essential supply of information for the correct interpretation of each person’s intentions, especially when it is a matter of negotiations or the setting up of commerce relations.

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